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This essence was created with the Access Consciousness Body Process for clearing Biomimetic Mimicry of other peoples pains, pathways, and realities. Created by Gary Douglas and Dain Heer.

 Created as an essence by Nikki Cutlar using Multi-Level Essence Preparation Technique. MLEPT.

Biomimetic mimicry is a natural ability we have from when we are born to fit in with our families and the rest of the world. Running this body process unlocks this from our body and means that we can create our lives and our bodies from our choice, from being, creating and expressing who we really are.

Originally I made this essence for myself. I noticed after taking it I was happier, I would catch myself singing away to myself, after taking it. I was calmer no matter what was going on around me and I had a certainty and calmness that I could and would create and enjoy my life. My body has changed too.

One of the things I do is Soul Readings and Clearings which are about receiving the truth of who you be, the energies, capacities, and gifts you have chosen to work with. We are infinite beings, we are all energies, and we have chosen to specialize in different energies which makes us the unique gift we are. When we get to express that we experience fulfillment and more ease and joy.

 This BMM Essence seems to be more of that energy. 

 Going beyond biomimetic mimicry to the clarity of you, the space and the joy that is you.

I gave it to Gary Douglas when I was in Texas, attending a training to be Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Facilitator.

He said his body liked it and told the class it might be a good idea to check it out. He also said to put drops along the spine would create even more unlocking and change.


 Some of the feedback I've received;


"Immediately felt a more clear energy and a lightness in me." Hanne Stigaard.


"Created a real sense of space." Elsbeth Hanson.

 "It's like the noise around disappeared. A sensation of calmness, warmth in my heart and stomach. Softness.Thank you." Kari Eliasson.

 "Getting the BMM drops made my space expand instantaneously- It felt as if I was 2m/6ft tall. My chest expanded as though a harness had been removed and I perceived myself like a lion ready to jump and run forward wherever I choose. Choices and space opened up as though"limitations" had never been there. I now realise they were a choice and creation of my own. Thank you. I wonder what would happen if I continued taking the essence for 3 months?" Corinna Kaebel.

 "More space and more joy." Andrea Tomosy

"After taking Nikki's BMM Essence I felt more relaxed, lighter and it allowed me to settle into my own energy. It made me smile. Thank you, Nikki, for creating it." Orla Borreye.

"Expanded my space - first sideways and then upwards. Connected me to my joy and lightness of being." Viv Adcock

"Opened up more space and cleaned and cleared the electrical/light circuits in the body". Richard Tobin

"Almost instantly felt the energy of the drops. It shifted my body around. I was aware of different intensities like my body was in a straitjacket. I was aware of old injuries none of it mine and that I was carrying other people. Starting to sense more space now." Brigid Neylan

"It gives me more space and a sense of peace instantly. Beautiful expansion of possibilities." Lisa Murray. 

"Light, lifted, expanded. awareness. Details are more vivid." Jacque Chapman CFMW

"Calming, opening, nice, expanding." Amy Hirsch.

"All I know is I had to try it my body asked for it and stay tuned for all it creates!" Meredith Loc

                        How does it get even greater Universe?




“Flower Essences establish direct contact with the Higher Self of the Personality and thus become active in all aspects of our nature, in all parts of the aura.” Dr Edward Bach

Most people will be familiar with Bach Flower Remedies. Nikki works with these plus Californian Flower essences, Findhorn Essences, Angel Essences, Irish Essences, Dolphin Essences, Mother Amma Essences and Australian Bush Essences.
They work on the principle of resonance, gently ‘suggesting’ a new pattern to the persons energy field, e.g. Bringing despair/resignation to hope, self reproach to forgiveness, shyness to confidence, healing heartache, grief, over- sensitivity, stuckness, anger, fear, feeling burnt out, amongst many others!
Nikki uses the vibration of your name to dowse for the remedies that you need now. This takes the guess work out and this makes for a very potent remedy containing 4 to 7 remedies that are right for you now. These are then blended in a single bottle and 4 drops are taken 4 /6 times daily.
Vibrational Essences are so helpful when going through a challenging time, most often clients say that they give a sense of being able to cope. They also work on moving beyond patterns and habits that no longer serve you.

Nikki has a lot of success with animals and Vibrational Essences. You may notice something is just not quite right with your pet or they may be nervous, sensitive to noises or constantly demanding attention. Being able to dowse for the appropriate remedies gives a more complete picture, an insight of what that the animal is going through. Animals tend to respond quickly to the remedies.

Remedies are made with positive intention in Irish spring water.

BMM Essence is €45 to ship internationally, €42.50 to post in Ireland. Please contact me directly; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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