soul realignment 

My SR session with Nikki was was full of information that was very much "me". It just made total sense to me. She even had some of my little quirks in there too! After the session I just seemed more me and started to make the changes I always wished I could but was a bit cautious about and it was just effortless! Melanie Meade


SR can tell you who you are energetically and at a soul level. Your gifts, training and capacities.
It gives a sense of how much your ‘personality’ is actually shaped by the nature of your Soul and assists with seeing your life experiences from a Soul perspective.
This includes uncovering negative influences and interference energies that may be affecting you in your life. We gain an understanding around why you may not be able to create what you want and what may be preventing you gifts coming through.
In a SR session you get a huge amount of information about yourself and your Soul’s journey, which is fascinating, but most importantly this is very focused information to be valuable for your life now.
In our long Soul’s journey parts of our essence can get lost, stolen or depleted and now is the time to retrieve these parts and reclaim our light and power.
After SR, people tend to feel they can move forward, unblocked in their lives. They feel stronger, empowered. They can now connect to and accept their own wisdom and experience their beautiful and unique spiritual selves in everyday life. 
SR is an Akashic Record Reading.

Soul Realignment consists of two parts:
which includes;

Soul Group of Origination – You’ll learn the origins of your Soul in the universe. What skills and gifts this origin has imprinted on your Divine Soul blueprint and how this translates into your life now
Archangelic Realm of Training – this is the specialized training you have received in spirit in the Archangelic realm. When we express our Soul-level training in our careers, our lifestyles and our relationships we experience greater fulfilment and happiness in those areas of our lives.
Soul Specialisations – These are the ‘careers’ we have in between lifetimes! We bring certain aspects of our ‘job skills’ forward with us into our present life.
How many Spirit Guides are on your team and if any are on special assignment to help with particular projects.


Identifying key elements in the Soul’s history and discovering how that history, the ‘Soul Story’ so to speak, is still having effect in this lifetime,
A Soul-level energetic clearing of the major blocks and restrictions and practical action steps.

As conscious parents we are aware of the beautiful powerful Souls are children are. Having their Soul Realignment done is a huge service we can do for them. Clearing the major blocks and restrictions in their Souls journey and gaining information on who they are at Soul level to better understand how to support them. It truly is spiritual parenting, with down to earth results.

Cost €250, includes email report. Sorry paypal not working please contact Nikki, easy pay option available.